Alberto García



Seville, Spain. 1972.
Grapic artist, visual animal, self-confessed voyeur. Images captivate
Me: Movies and comics, paintings and graffities, magazines, murals,
Dreams, polaroids, shapes, memories and doodles. I also love to travel
(far away), Betty Page style hairdos, hard rock, russian literature and
Silence. But that’s another story…
Even before I learnt how to tie my own shoe laces I was already using
my hand for drawing. I used to doodle for hours, for days, absorbed
in that parallel universe of lines, shapes and colours.
Later I studied Advertising in the University of Seville and eventually
ended up in the design and editorial illustration world.
I work with a pencil, the sort you might steal at Ikea, a Milan rubber,
a bit of gouache and a silent MacMini. I do not need anymore. Just
to look and learn, turning things over in my mind and start looking
at them again. Just like a child, And this is how I make my living.


Rollings Stone España, XL Semanal, RENFE, Telepizza, On Madrid
Claves, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Acciona Transmediterranea, Leroy
Merlin, Cinemania, Mucho Viaje, AC Hoteles, Pedro dellHierro, Cruz
Roja, Barceló Viajes, Banesto, BBVA, Calvo, Amadeus, Canal Isabel II.